Setting Goals

There’s one thing I love about goals, no matter the size, big or small, outlandish or sensible, they act as beacons for you to follow as you walk through life.

You might be asking yourself, why set goals, what are the best goals, what if my goals are stupid? Well, first I’m going to tell you to calm down because it sounds like you’re losing it, secondly that’s way too many questions but I’ll give you the run down regardless.

Even if you think your goals are a little ridiculous they can still help you in your endeavors, according to a Harvard study, goal setting can increase motivation, enhance your work ethic, and keep you engaged on the purist of your dreams.


Yes, that’s right lil John , by simply setting some type of goal for yourself, you are already laying the foundations of better performance towards your ultimate dreams.

However, not all goals are created equally, some goals are more efficient than others. It is proven that setting small incremental goals to get to a larger goal is one of the best ways to go about achieving your master goal. The best way to go about mapping your smaller goals to get to your larger is to better understand what you feel like you need to improve on. This Goal Wheel will give you a nice idea on where you stand in most categories in your life.

goal wheel

Lets take each one of these and go through a small goal you might have in order to reach a 10 or 20 year goal.

  • Business:
    • Short-term Goal: By the next three months I will have started an online business.
    • Long-term 10 Year Goal: I will have a business generating six-figures a year
  • Friends:
    • Short-term: I will make more time to hangout with my friends on the weekend
    • Long-term: Plan a trip with some buddies to aspen or some shit, maybe Florida? I don’t know whatever your into.
  • Family:
    • Short-term: See family every other weekend.
    • Long-term: Build a better connection with someone you look up to within your family.
  • Personal Passions:
    • Short-term: Write something new everyday.
    • Long-term: Have a novel completed by the end of the year.
  • Spiritual:
    • Short-term: Start meditating to create mental space.
    • Long-term: Gain super-human mental prowess.
  • Health:
    • Short-term: Get more toned and increase my overall endurance
    • Long-term: Enter a body building competition by the end of the year


Any way I am sure you get the picture, goal setting is a life changing habit that can allow you to shape your reality and live a life you want to live.


If you are interested in the Harvard study I mentioned you can find it here.



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