How to Educate yourself

THE KEYIn today’s wacky-wild world, education is the key to getting ahead. I don’t mean your run of the mill collage education, I mean unbiased, self taught teaching. Why is self-taught education so important you might ask? Well I’ll tell you my magnificent reader; self-taught learning enables you to delve into content that can truly alter your life. You have complete control on how much you want to learn about a subject, if you are dedicated enough, you can become a master of whatever it is you so desire. No prerequisite system is in your way hindering your process, you are in complete control.

Well, where does one even start the process of Teaching ones-self? You first have to understand exactly how you learn, take a simple learning test and figure out what suites you best. Here is a quick and easy way that allows you to understand exactly how your mind likes to work in the realm of learning.

After you’ve established this you can move on to the information portion. We live in an incredible era, think for a second how unrealistic this would sound to a person forty-years ago. You own multiple devices, some of which fit directly into your pocket; these devices contain all the information mankind has ever collected, all kinds of inconceivable information, ranging from the code that took us to the moon, to the first ever recorded graffiti dick to have ever defaced something.



The source-code that allowed mankind to briefly plant our feet on another world.

Oldest Penis Known to MAN

A graffiti penis made by our great Greek ancestors.

As I am sure you have gathered, these are two very distinct types of information, one being a giant leap for mankind, the other showing, that even though we have walked on other worlds, deep down inside we are still the same, defacing things with our genitalia for eons. I digress, my point is, there is essentially an infinite amount of information out there waiting to be tapped into. A simple idea and a keystroke will grant you knowledge so long as you look. Now for the important stuff, enough dazzling you about this ancient dick, its time for some information. There are six separate things you can do to fully optimize your-self teaching experience, and give you an advantage when applying this to your daily life.

1.) Focus on a project you have created. Once you’ve found something you want to learn, set a small medium/short term goal that you want to accomplish. This is something that helps me the most,  lets say you have the desire to perfect your writing. Outline in your mind that you are going to have a short-story done within three months. Within those three months you would look up information, better understand language semantics and syntax and, by the end of those three months you would have a nice short story, more importantly, however, you would have obtained great information during the process of making this, therefore, fine tuning your skills.

2.) Understand the Basics. Every skill has a starting point, baseball requires you to watch the ball, cooking usually involves grilling, baking, or boiling. Writing requires a basic understanding of language. With whatever skill it is you want to learn, make sure you understand the basics extremely well, utilize any websites that grant you a clear-cut understanding of how something works.

3.) Have an end goal. Creating an end goal will keep you on pace with what you are trying to accomplish, this keeps you focused and on the right train of thought. Lets say you have a desire to get published, you have your initial three month projected and you have your long-term 3 year goal, of becoming an author. A end goal like this  allows you to picture what benefits you want to gain out of your self-teaching method and it will allow you to be motivated in times of desperate struggle.

4.) The fifteen minute rule. Live by this rule religiously, for if you push the boundaries of the fifteen minute rule, you might potentially burn yourself out of any topic you are trying to learn. If you get stuck on a topic, or you don’t fully understand how something works, and after 15 minutes of constant attention and work effort you still haven’t quite cracked it, give yourself a 30 minute break. This allows you to create space from you and your problem, thus, giving your brain a much needed break. You will be amazed at how much creative energy this can free up

5.) Know that you will probably fail. Nobody, and I seriously mean nobody, finds success over night. Understand that you will have your doubts, worries, frustrations and bouts of failure, but knowing that these are a part of the learning curve, that life is essentially one big roller coaster of all those things wrapped in one. This alleviates the unnecessarily pressures you might otherwise place on yourself, that would otherwise hinders your performance because you will begin to doubt yourself and your own abilities when, in reality, it is simply a part of the process.

6.) Be patient. last but certainly not least, is patience. This is quite possibly, the most important tip of them all. Personally, I have struggled with this, the desire to get to where you want to be is very strong, so strong that distorts the vision you might have for yourself. You might feel as if: you are not learning fast enough, not understanding enough, not where you truly want to be. When this hits and I guarantee it will,  take a deep-breath, and a step back, and simply try and understand that you are making an effort, and that effort is enough. Take it in stride that you are trying to learn in your spare time, attempting to understand another slice of this marvelously gargantuan world, attempting to wrap your mind around one of infinite topics available; and, accept that you will understand it, it is only a matter of time.


“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.”
– Socrates

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