How to be Great.

Everybody wants to be great at something, everyone knows how incredible the feeling is of being successful, truly feeling the ecstasy of accomplishment. A series I watched used a great analogy for this, the feeling of being great at something is equivalent to constantly tasting a red starburst in your mouth, at all hours. I can not think of a better way of describing success, we all are constantly chasing that sweet aroma hoping to capture it, if only for a mere moment. We all are familiar with this, and I think we can all agree we simply do not get enough of this in our daily lives. So how does one become Great at something, so they can forever taste that red starburst?

There is a method called the Hour of Power, it essentially revolves around taking a singular hour out of your day, and working on a skill or idea you would like to develop. In the grand scheme of the entirely of daily life 60 minutes is a total of 1,440 total available minutes in your day, if you really want to break this down, if you were to spend an hour every day for a week you would be dedicating 420 minutes in a 10,080 minute week. That is less than 5% of your entire week. Now imagine constantly investing 5% of your energy every-single-day. Overtime, this 5% builds into an incredibly massive investment. After two years of consistently dedicating 5% of your time to a skill you want to sharpen you will have put in a total of 364 hours of time honing in on your desired skill. That is equal to 15 days straight of pure work, yet it was only 5% of your overall effort.

This is an investment in yourself, that will one-hundred percent have returns in the long run. Lets expand this idea, instead of limiting yourself to a singular desired improvement, imagine creating a web of skills you want to invest in, you have the idea of exactly who you want to be, what skills you desire, how you want to live your life. Each and everyday you dedicate a mere 5% to each of these things you so desire, in time, you will inevitably acquire exactly what you were striving for. It is simply a matter of constant, perpetual motion towards the action you so greatly wish to accomplish.

Constant repetition of a task leads to accumulation of said skill, and this can be any skill. For example, want to own your own business? Each and everyday learn something new about ecommers, and I mean really go out there surf this incredible database we call the internet and learn exactly what it takes to create a store. After you feel as if you’ve gathered enough information implement action, create what you so desire and stick with it each and every single day, all you need is an hour to spare. I grantee you, that if you have stuck with it, in a years time you could have a full fledged working online store. It simply starts with dedicating one hour to the effect you want to see happen in your life. Not in it for the money and want to see personal body-benefits? That is great! Again, utilize the era we live in, do research everyday for an hour, understand what type of diet and workout suit your body. Once you have done enough research put an hour into the gym each and everyday and I GUARANTEE you there will be huge strides in where you were. Don’t care about any of this stuff and simply want to better your fellow man? Now you sir are a true champion of the people! One more time! Research, find out where you can best help people, apply that research and act upon it by going out there and helping your fellow man for one hour everyday. I will truly be amazed if you don’t feel better after doing this.

This is the amazing thing with the Hour of Power; this mindset is applicable to any and all situations in your life that you want to make better. This effort is bare-minimum yet you can build an empire for yourself if you just stick with it. The problem is, most people don’t stick with it, and whose to blame them? Life can get in the way sometimes, things come up, people pass away, you fight with a loved one. Its not easy, but what will separate you from the rest is pure, unwavering dedication to the cause. You might be having the worst day a human-being has ever had on this planet (This is quite extreme but bare with me), but even on this terrible day you know in your mind, that you are going to sit down and do your hour of power on the shittest of shit days, you my friend will find your success, for capitalizing even on the worst of days puts you in the top 1% of most people. At this point, you are dedicated to the cause and are willing to truly work towards it each and everyday. You will find your success

If you hold yourself back with doubts, fears, and worries of what others might think, you will never achieve what you want BUT, if you  eloquently say “fuck that” and you focus each and every day for ONE SINGLE HOUR you will achieve what you want, you just have to be diligent and patient enough with yourself. You will find your success, you just have to work at it.


“I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.” – Mia Hamm

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