Desires, Wants, Dreams

Everyone has a strong desire for themselves, a dream in a distant future so close you can almost touch it. These dreams of achieving things, doing things, giving your life meaning. If we have no desires within, what are we? Empty husks walking around preforming a job for this, that, and the other. Is it not human to chase after a dream or to desire something more in your life.

In my humble opinion, desires are what make each and everyone of us human. To continue to stride towards greatness has something very profoundly human involved in the action, we as a species, are always pushing the envelope. First it was to cross the seas, now its to cross the stars; our desires have no bounds, limitless wants and dreams.

Now there are two types of individuals in this world,  those who achieve these desires, wants, and dreams, and there are those who do not. If you were to take each of these individuals and break down the differences between them I could guarantee you would find two distinct things in almost all cases. Those who achieved the dreams they so desired simply did nothing else but work towards them each and every day of their lives regardless of what others thought of them. They knew, in their own minds that the only person whose perspective mattered was their own. So, with confidence in themselves and their ability, no matter how many times they failed they knew that if they tried enough, and truly dedicated themselves to their dreams they could achieve them.

Just to give you some examples of this phenomenon:Thomas Edison tried over one thousand forms of light bulbs before he found one that worked, Charles Darwin, the father of the theory of evolution gave up on his medical career, Henry Ford went broke five separate times before he was a success, the great philosopher Socrates was widely considered a “great corrupter of youth”, Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper editor for “Lacking an imagination and had no good ideas.” imagine if any of these greats decided to throw in the towel after there first defeat in their quest to quench there ever thirsting desires. So I say to you, follow those desires, and even when life inevitably throws you down, get back up, and understand you too can be great, you simply just can’t stop trying.


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”


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