What Do You Perceive?

What is perspective? What is this thing we called human life? When you really take a step back and think to yourself “What is all this, what am I?” it can all get quite overwhelming.  However, lets take this one step at a time and put it in perspective. As far as we know, you and I are the most conscious being to have ever walked this planet, let that sink in for a moment. Seriously, you are more aware of yourself, your surroundings and other individuals around you more-so than any-other of the trillions of: plants, mammals, fish, bacteria, fungi, birds that there ever was in the entirety of this planets existence. The past 3.2 billion years of evolutionary development has culminated into you! Right there in your seat reading this now, it took mother nature eons to perfect this. This evolutionary master-piece sitting right there in your noggin. Think, for a moment, the type of power that this knowledge gives you from simply being aware of such an astonishing fact.

Now, think for a moment the power of your individual perception and just how real it is, your ideas, your thoughts, your preconceived notions of the world dictate how you see EVERYTHING around you. You live in your own universe of thoughts, nobody else will have the exact same perspective as you because, we live unique lives, have different experiences, are born to different cultures. However, among all these differences there is still one thing we all share in common and, that is, the ability to modify our own perspectives, therefore, modifying your individual universe.

All you have to do is perceive IT, understand within yourself and ask yourself “why do I look at things like that?” For example, lets say somebody shuts you down on a great business idea that you thought was a home-run, if your perspective is to focus on the negative, you could entirely give up on this idea and all the possibilities and opportunities that would’ve gone with it. Now, lets say your perspective is very different, instead of giving up, and believing what this other person says, accepting it as a reality and letting your idea go down the drain, you take this as constructive criticism. You confide to yourself that “maybe he’s got a point but, how can I improve on this so his point is invalid and my idea is therefore bullet proof.” You then take what would’ve been negative energy and transform it into something that benefits you in the long-run. The only difference between a failed idea and a million dollar idea is a slightly different perception of the world around you.

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. — William Blake

Your Mind is as Vast as the Ocean


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