What’s the Point?

I know I can’t be the only one, sitting here, questioning myself, “what is the point?” Almost eight billion living individuals on a planet with billions before this very moment, melding together like grains of sand on a beach of souls, in the grand scheme of things,  indistinguishable from one another. “What is the point?”

An era so dominated by the machine, unique individuality becomes parts of a whole. Simply cogs in a desolate system, focused on profits alone. Pushing us ever forward into the unknown, forcing us to better understand ourselves. Are we only made to work? Is this life controlled by the clock? Is there no escape? “What is the point?”

Struggles between each other over petty reasons, separation between kin over the actions of a group of people thousands of miles away, who in reality only care for themselves and their seat of power. Never once hearing the names of those who so passionately fight for them. “What is the point?”

Humanity as a whole, exposes the individual to themselves, as we are all programmed by our sub-conscious, primal desires, instinctual feelings we can barely describe. Yet, we all know them, see them in our daily life, experience them everyday in different forms, with different people. It is the sins of our own minds that control the world, greed and lust being the two in particular. But, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. The reason I am even able to deliver this sappy ass blog to you is because of human perseverance, and how incredibly strong it is. “I think I’m starting to see the point.”

70,000 years ago, a massive volcano exploded, completely covering the surface of the earth. Mankind was still in its infancy, and was whittled down to below five thousand individuals. But, they survived. Not only did they survive, they thrived by persevering into the unknown. This ability of ours, to persevere through the most impossible of times is what makes you and I so powerful.  “I think I know where this is going.”

Our perseverance is so incredibly strong that our ancestors have never truly failed, what ever we so desired, we received. Our ancestors wanted to understand the twinkling, magnificent bits of light above their heads so they invented astronomy and did just that. Our ancestors desired to build great monoliths to worship the celestial sky above them so they did just that. Not only did we desire to see the heavens above us, we wanted to feel  them with our own hands, and in 1969 we touched the heavens above. “ah ha”

night sky GIF-source.gif

The question to be asked now is not, “what is the point?”, the true question is, “what do I so desire?” For if I am a portion of a whole that can persevere through anything, develop the means to accomplish whatever is desired, and do the unimaginable, then what are we waiting for? We have the strength of our ancestors perseverance within us, whatever it is we want we can achieve, we simply must persevere through it all. And persevere you will, as billions have before you.


“All men want, not something to do with, but something to do, or rather something to be.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden





Setting Goals

There’s one thing I love about goals, no matter the size, big or small, outlandish or sensible, they act as beacons for you to follow as you walk through life.

You might be asking yourself, why set goals, what are the best goals, what if my goals are stupid? Well, first I’m going to tell you to calm down because it sounds like you’re losing it, secondly that’s way too many questions but I’ll give you the run down regardless.

Even if you think your goals are a little ridiculous they can still help you in your endeavors, according to a Harvard study, goal setting can increase motivation, enhance your work ethic, and keep you engaged on the purist of your dreams.


Yes, that’s right lil John , by simply setting some type of goal for yourself, you are already laying the foundations of better performance towards your ultimate dreams.

However, not all goals are created equally, some goals are more efficient than others. It is proven that setting small incremental goals to get to a larger goal is one of the best ways to go about achieving your master goal. The best way to go about mapping your smaller goals to get to your larger is to better understand what you feel like you need to improve on. This Goal Wheel will give you a nice idea on where you stand in most categories in your life.

goal wheel

Lets take each one of these and go through a small goal you might have in order to reach a 10 or 20 year goal.

  • Business:
    • Short-term Goal: By the next three months I will have started an online business.
    • Long-term 10 Year Goal: I will have a business generating six-figures a year
  • Friends:
    • Short-term: I will make more time to hangout with my friends on the weekend
    • Long-term: Plan a trip with some buddies to aspen or some shit, maybe Florida? I don’t know whatever your into.
  • Family:
    • Short-term: See family every other weekend.
    • Long-term: Build a better connection with someone you look up to within your family.
  • Personal Passions:
    • Short-term: Write something new everyday.
    • Long-term: Have a novel completed by the end of the year.
  • Spiritual:
    • Short-term: Start meditating to create mental space.
    • Long-term: Gain super-human mental prowess.
  • Health:
    • Short-term: Get more toned and increase my overall endurance
    • Long-term: Enter a body building competition by the end of the year


Any way I am sure you get the picture, goal setting is a life changing habit that can allow you to shape your reality and live a life you want to live.


If you are interested in the Harvard study I mentioned you can find it here.

here https://hilt.harvard.edu/files/hilt/files/settinggoals.pdf


How to Educate yourself

THE KEYIn today’s wacky-wild world, education is the key to getting ahead. I don’t mean your run of the mill collage education, I mean unbiased, self taught teaching. Why is self-taught education so important you might ask? Well I’ll tell you my magnificent reader; self-taught learning enables you to delve into content that can truly alter your life. You have complete control on how much you want to learn about a subject, if you are dedicated enough, you can become a master of whatever it is you so desire. No prerequisite system is in your way hindering your process, you are in complete control.

Well, where does one even start the process of Teaching ones-self? You first have to understand exactly how you learn, take a simple learning test and figure out what suites you best. Here is a quick and easy way that allows you to understand exactly how your mind likes to work in the realm of learning.


After you’ve established this you can move on to the information portion. We live in an incredible era, think for a second how unrealistic this would sound to a person forty-years ago. You own multiple devices, some of which fit directly into your pocket; these devices contain all the information mankind has ever collected, all kinds of inconceivable information, ranging from the code that took us to the moon, to the first ever recorded graffiti dick to have ever defaced something.



The source-code that allowed mankind to briefly plant our feet on another world.

Oldest Penis Known to MAN

A graffiti penis made by our great Greek ancestors.

As I am sure you have gathered, these are two very distinct types of information, one being a giant leap for mankind, the other showing, that even though we have walked on other worlds, deep down inside we are still the same, defacing things with our genitalia for eons. I digress, my point is, there is essentially an infinite amount of information out there waiting to be tapped into. A simple idea and a keystroke will grant you knowledge so long as you look. Now for the important stuff, enough dazzling you about this ancient dick, its time for some information. There are six separate things you can do to fully optimize your-self teaching experience, and give you an advantage when applying this to your daily life.

1.) Focus on a project you have created. Once you’ve found something you want to learn, set a small medium/short term goal that you want to accomplish. This is something that helps me the most,  lets say you have the desire to perfect your writing. Outline in your mind that you are going to have a short-story done within three months. Within those three months you would look up information, better understand language semantics and syntax and, by the end of those three months you would have a nice short story, more importantly, however, you would have obtained great information during the process of making this, therefore, fine tuning your skills.

2.) Understand the Basics. Every skill has a starting point, baseball requires you to watch the ball, cooking usually involves grilling, baking, or boiling. Writing requires a basic understanding of language. With whatever skill it is you want to learn, make sure you understand the basics extremely well, utilize any websites that grant you a clear-cut understanding of how something works.

3.) Have an end goal. Creating an end goal will keep you on pace with what you are trying to accomplish, this keeps you focused and on the right train of thought. Lets say you have a desire to get published, you have your initial three month projected and you have your long-term 3 year goal, of becoming an author. A end goal like this  allows you to picture what benefits you want to gain out of your self-teaching method and it will allow you to be motivated in times of desperate struggle.

4.) The fifteen minute rule. Live by this rule religiously, for if you push the boundaries of the fifteen minute rule, you might potentially burn yourself out of any topic you are trying to learn. If you get stuck on a topic, or you don’t fully understand how something works, and after 15 minutes of constant attention and work effort you still haven’t quite cracked it, give yourself a 30 minute break. This allows you to create space from you and your problem, thus, giving your brain a much needed break. You will be amazed at how much creative energy this can free up

5.) Know that you will probably fail. Nobody, and I seriously mean nobody, finds success over night. Understand that you will have your doubts, worries, frustrations and bouts of failure, but knowing that these are a part of the learning curve, that life is essentially one big roller coaster of all those things wrapped in one. This alleviates the unnecessarily pressures you might otherwise place on yourself, that would otherwise hinders your performance because you will begin to doubt yourself and your own abilities when, in reality, it is simply a part of the process.

6.) Be patient. last but certainly not least, is patience. This is quite possibly, the most important tip of them all. Personally, I have struggled with this, the desire to get to where you want to be is very strong, so strong that distorts the vision you might have for yourself. You might feel as if: you are not learning fast enough, not understanding enough, not where you truly want to be. When this hits and I guarantee it will,  take a deep-breath, and a step back, and simply try and understand that you are making an effort, and that effort is enough. Take it in stride that you are trying to learn in your spare time, attempting to understand another slice of this marvelously gargantuan world, attempting to wrap your mind around one of infinite topics available; and, accept that you will understand it, it is only a matter of time.


“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.”
– Socrates

How to be Great.

Everybody wants to be great at something, everyone knows how incredible the feeling is of being successful, truly feeling the ecstasy of accomplishment. A series I watched used a great analogy for this, the feeling of being great at something is equivalent to constantly tasting a red starburst in your mouth, at all hours. I can not think of a better way of describing success, we all are constantly chasing that sweet aroma hoping to capture it, if only for a mere moment. We all are familiar with this, and I think we can all agree we simply do not get enough of this in our daily lives. So how does one become Great at something, so they can forever taste that red starburst?

There is a method called the Hour of Power, it essentially revolves around taking a singular hour out of your day, and working on a skill or idea you would like to develop. In the grand scheme of the entirely of daily life 60 minutes is a total of 1,440 total available minutes in your day, if you really want to break this down, if you were to spend an hour every day for a week you would be dedicating 420 minutes in a 10,080 minute week. That is less than 5% of your entire week. Now imagine constantly investing 5% of your energy every-single-day. Overtime, this 5% builds into an incredibly massive investment. After two years of consistently dedicating 5% of your time to a skill you want to sharpen you will have put in a total of 364 hours of time honing in on your desired skill. That is equal to 15 days straight of pure work, yet it was only 5% of your overall effort.

This is an investment in yourself, that will one-hundred percent have returns in the long run. Lets expand this idea, instead of limiting yourself to a singular desired improvement, imagine creating a web of skills you want to invest in, you have the idea of exactly who you want to be, what skills you desire, how you want to live your life. Each and everyday you dedicate a mere 5% to each of these things you so desire, in time, you will inevitably acquire exactly what you were striving for. It is simply a matter of constant, perpetual motion towards the action you so greatly wish to accomplish.

Constant repetition of a task leads to accumulation of said skill, and this can be any skill. For example, want to own your own business? Each and everyday learn something new about ecommers, and I mean really go out there surf this incredible database we call the internet and learn exactly what it takes to create a store. After you feel as if you’ve gathered enough information implement action, create what you so desire and stick with it each and every single day, all you need is an hour to spare. I grantee you, that if you have stuck with it, in a years time you could have a full fledged working online store. It simply starts with dedicating one hour to the effect you want to see happen in your life. Not in it for the money and want to see personal body-benefits? That is great! Again, utilize the era we live in, do research everyday for an hour, understand what type of diet and workout suit your body. Once you have done enough research put an hour into the gym each and everyday and I GUARANTEE you there will be huge strides in where you were. Don’t care about any of this stuff and simply want to better your fellow man? Now you sir are a true champion of the people! One more time! Research, find out where you can best help people, apply that research and act upon it by going out there and helping your fellow man for one hour everyday. I will truly be amazed if you don’t feel better after doing this.

This is the amazing thing with the Hour of Power; this mindset is applicable to any and all situations in your life that you want to make better. This effort is bare-minimum yet you can build an empire for yourself if you just stick with it. The problem is, most people don’t stick with it, and whose to blame them? Life can get in the way sometimes, things come up, people pass away, you fight with a loved one. Its not easy, but what will separate you from the rest is pure, unwavering dedication to the cause. You might be having the worst day a human-being has ever had on this planet (This is quite extreme but bare with me), but even on this terrible day you know in your mind, that you are going to sit down and do your hour of power on the shittest of shit days, you my friend will find your success, for capitalizing even on the worst of days puts you in the top 1% of most people. At this point, you are dedicated to the cause and are willing to truly work towards it each and everyday. You will find your success

If you hold yourself back with doubts, fears, and worries of what others might think, you will never achieve what you want BUT, if you  eloquently say “fuck that” and you focus each and every day for ONE SINGLE HOUR you will achieve what you want, you just have to be diligent and patient enough with yourself. You will find your success, you just have to work at it.


“I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.” – Mia Hamm


Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon known to cause group cohesiveness by formulating a perspective in which each individual has common ground on how they perceive the world we live in; synthesizing thoughts into a collective viewpoint. The idea of group-think is one of evolutionary design, it would make sense that something involving teamwork was deeply-engraved into our primordial collective-conscious: this minimizes issues that might arise within the pack, allows for increased coordination due to lack of conflict, and gives the tribe a stronger feeling of fondness towards each members. Further solidifying teamwork effectiveness.

This is great and all when you are trying to survive on the plains of Africa, and thousand pound predators are plentiful. In today’s society these notions acts as a deadly deterrent that stifles out many possibilities, and hinders societal-progress. This condition is deeply embedded in the most primal portions of our psyche, they are nothing more than thoughts and ideas you know are deep within your mind but,  are impossible to decipher, only glimpses of a previous reality unbeknownst to us. It is clear that there are some basic motives encoded within our DNA, that intertwine us with the primeval animal Kingdom: you have your Alphas, and your Beta, Your social outcasts, your friends and enemies, all rigidly structured in some form of manner based on preconceived notions, implemented by a parent or good-pal.

How many thoughts are born unscathed by the soul-sucking destruction that is Groupthink? I would assume not many, most people tend to agree with what ever the status-quo may be for their particular group. “If they/he/she believes X, then I must believe X”. The original thought is a rare occurrence in a sea of words without true meaning, ideas with no new grounds to form on, perceived views of the world that have no perception at all. This is something that infects all people: Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Me, You, that greasy guy you always see eating inside a popa johns. We are all human and no man is immune to such a compelling force, society has an incredible way of pressuring into breakage, or acceptance.

This is difficult to notice in your daily life because it feels so intrinsic, it feels right to have a group of similar thinking people, it is what makes us human. But, what happens when we live in a society where these perspectives can be deliberately manipulated, polarized, and taken to extremes with a handful of social media apps. It creates a world of people stuck in algorithmic perspectives. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, they all know us better than we know ourselves. They fully understand all our loves and likes, dreams and desires, wants and wishes.

“They hate because they fear, and they fear because they feel that the deepest feelings of their lives are being assaulted and outraged. And they do not know why; they are powerless pawns in a blind play of social forces.”
― Richard Wright

Desires, Wants, Dreams

Everyone has a strong desire for themselves, a dream in a distant future so close you can almost touch it. These dreams of achieving things, doing things, giving your life meaning. If we have no desires within, what are we? Empty husks walking around preforming a job for this, that, and the other. Is it not human to chase after a dream or to desire something more in your life.

In my humble opinion, desires are what make each and everyone of us human. To continue to stride towards greatness has something very profoundly human involved in the action, we as a species, are always pushing the envelope. First it was to cross the seas, now its to cross the stars; our desires have no bounds, limitless wants and dreams.

Now there are two types of individuals in this world,  those who achieve these desires, wants, and dreams, and there are those who do not. If you were to take each of these individuals and break down the differences between them I could guarantee you would find two distinct things in almost all cases. Those who achieved the dreams they so desired simply did nothing else but work towards them each and every day of their lives regardless of what others thought of them. They knew, in their own minds that the only person whose perspective mattered was their own. So, with confidence in themselves and their ability, no matter how many times they failed they knew that if they tried enough, and truly dedicated themselves to their dreams they could achieve them.

Just to give you some examples of this phenomenon:Thomas Edison tried over one thousand forms of light bulbs before he found one that worked, Charles Darwin, the father of the theory of evolution gave up on his medical career, Henry Ford went broke five separate times before he was a success, the great philosopher Socrates was widely considered a “great corrupter of youth”, Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper editor for “Lacking an imagination and had no good ideas.” imagine if any of these greats decided to throw in the towel after there first defeat in their quest to quench there ever thirsting desires. So I say to you, follow those desires, and even when life inevitably throws you down, get back up, and understand you too can be great, you simply just can’t stop trying.


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”



What Do You Perceive?

What is perspective? What is this thing we called human life? When you really take a step back and think to yourself “What is all this, what am I?” it can all get quite overwhelming.  However, lets take this one step at a time and put it in perspective. As far as we know, you and I are the most conscious being to have ever walked this planet, let that sink in for a moment. Seriously, you are more aware of yourself, your surroundings and other individuals around you more-so than any-other of the trillions of: plants, mammals, fish, bacteria, fungi, birds that there ever was in the entirety of this planets existence. The past 3.2 billion years of evolutionary development has culminated into you! Right there in your seat reading this now, it took mother nature eons to perfect this. This evolutionary master-piece sitting right there in your noggin. Think, for a moment, the type of power that this knowledge gives you from simply being aware of such an astonishing fact.

Now, think for a moment the power of your individual perception and just how real it is, your ideas, your thoughts, your preconceived notions of the world dictate how you see EVERYTHING around you. You live in your own universe of thoughts, nobody else will have the exact same perspective as you because, we live unique lives, have different experiences, are born to different cultures. However, among all these differences there is still one thing we all share in common and, that is, the ability to modify our own perspectives, therefore, modifying your individual universe.

All you have to do is perceive IT, understand within yourself and ask yourself “why do I look at things like that?” For example, lets say somebody shuts you down on a great business idea that you thought was a home-run, if your perspective is to focus on the negative, you could entirely give up on this idea and all the possibilities and opportunities that would’ve gone with it. Now, lets say your perspective is very different, instead of giving up, and believing what this other person says, accepting it as a reality and letting your idea go down the drain, you take this as constructive criticism. You confide to yourself that “maybe he’s got a point but, how can I improve on this so his point is invalid and my idea is therefore bullet proof.” You then take what would’ve been negative energy and transform it into something that benefits you in the long-run. The only difference between a failed idea and a million dollar idea is a slightly different perception of the world around you.

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. — William Blake

Your Mind is as Vast as the Ocean


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